Design Guideline

  • Any image of higher resolution higher width than 500px
  • Select any colourful Case and Customise it, or select white color Case and upload any design
  • Area from Dotted line to Mobile Case edge represent the Mobile Edge.


Customize This

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Your phone is like your better half – Always together. So, it should be protected and made to look great with your individuality, with a phone case. It speaks loads about your choices, your personality, your moods and interests. Different cases to match up with the event you’re in is always a plus.

Enjoy Lifetime WARRANTY on Print

We use the best quality of ink to print your phone cases that even on regular use would not fade the colors away.


We use hard poly-carbonate plastic for your phone cases which gives them a smooth scratch resistant finish.


We use 3D sublimation printing technology to print the phone case on the sides as well in continuation with the back.


Full coverage on the corners of the case helps protect the phone from drops and saves it from breakages.

Customers Happiness
We always give quality most importance. In case of any kind of issue with the case we will provide hassle free product replacement.
\\,,/ Expected delivery time for Mobile case is 3-5 days

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