The Annihilation of Rakthbija - Ayog

The Annihilation of Rakthbija - Ayog

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About Raktabija : 

From the ancient stories of death,some creatures were born to die and evolve into a new life with every drop of blood being fallen on earth. Somebody has to save us from these demons and there emerge maa KALI , the lord of death , with a single aim, 
The Annihilation of Rakthbija!

About Ayog 

Vedic Metal Band from Central India , with some strong dose of Indian mythologies.Groove into the ancient stories and relive the history! The four Saints chanting to the lines from Indian Vedas headbanging to the groove and still making it sound like tracks from Indian origin ! 


They have list of Awards \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,,/ : 

Best Band @ ARMAGEDDON , YouthVibe 2014, Lovely Professional University , Punjab.

Best Band @ The Big Band Theory 2014, VIPS Delhi

Best Band @ Adwait 2014, Shivaji Science college , Nagpur

2nd Best Band @ Metal Chords 2014, YCCE Nagpur

2nd Best Band @ Raga and Rock , YASH 2014 , YCCE Nagpur