What do you get to use at SoundMonk Jamroom !!! Below is the list:
1) Tama Imperial Star 5 PC drumkit
2) Zildjian ZBT 14”,16”,18”,20” Cymbals
2) Roland TD-11KV Electronic Drumkit
3) Roland D-Bass 200 W Bass Amp
4) Blackstar HT 50 Club Head & 412 Cabinet
5) Roland GA 212 Guitar Amplifier
6) Shure SM 58 Microphone
7) Ashton DM 50 Microphone
8) Samson XP-1000 Bluetooth PA System
9) Mic stands, Keyboard & Guitar stands.
10) Roland CM-220 Monitors
11) Carlsbro Sherwood Acoustic Vocal/Guitar Amplifier

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