Aa bhi ja by The Lost Symbols ?

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All the songs purchased by you will be send to you by email and watsapp.Do buy Aa Bhi Ja by The Lost Symbols ? from album Nasha . Do listen the song and show love to music :)  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\m/
About The Lost Symbols ?  : In the Pantheon of Great Indian rock bands, The Lost Symbols? probably rate as one of the Best Bands of The Country. In fact, the band releases its first single (Jee lo) In 2012 and didn't score a hit until they recorded Titliyaan and Pyaar Mera the Same year. Soon thereafter, they released a quickly recorded debut EP “Safar”, which wasn't released through a Bigger Label, As a matter of fact, TLS Vocalist Aman with being his initial influence for composing Jee Lo, while Pyaar Mera would be unthinkable without the influence of Sifar Band. It took the band a long time to break in this country their earliest singles only received minimal airplay (they spent one early tour opening for Mental Omega 3, The band initially formed as Mantra, and Members were Shashank, Aman, Rony, Anshuman and Xulfi, They soon changed their name to Goonj, and became one of the premier bands in Rajasthan. During one gig, Rony Quarreled with Aman, this Fight led to suffering of all the members and the band broke up. After sometimes Aman left the band and he took admission at Lovely Professional University (Punjab). He again formed a new band and The band now renamed themselves as The Lost Symbols? Initially, The Lost Symbols? was a Rock n Roll band, scoring numerous hits in the College, although Aman was already revealing an interest in rock concept by the band's second album entitled Nasha . Ek Sazaa (covered), Dil Ki Baatein and Aa Bhi Jaa was listened by numerous of Artists and Fans. This led the band to have 4000 listener’s. The Lost Symbols? would've been wise to call it, since Chaman & Samuel was such a huge part of the Band’s appeal and spirit. And, they continued on releasing one more studio EP entitled “Saansein” and doing several tours. The EPs and tours, however, were crowded by number of listeners and fans. Since then, the Four remaining members have done numerous shows, each one Best than the one before it. Now New Lineup are as follows: Vocals: Vinu Sharma, Bass/Sound Engineer/Music Producer : Aman Raj , Drums: Arun Singh Naruka & Guitars: Dushyant Diwakar