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Composed a new song, What to do next?

While finishing your song has its own win,but there are some task to do if you are hoping for big, just stay organized and generate income with your song.These are six things to do when Your song is Composed 1. Complete your Lyric Sheet. A well shaped and accurate sheet is a great way to […]

My Journey Into Metal by

The night is wild with the energy of a hundred beating hearts, headbanging to the rhythm of the drummer going crazy. The vocalist growls and the audience growls back. People are moshing and mostly just losing themselves to the music, and I stand there thinking, “This is it. This is where I belong.” You haven’t […]

Composing a Perfect Hardrock Song

Do you know most of the rock songs are composed in mainly 4 parts, the hook, melody, bridge and chorus. Lets us see each and every parts in brief. 1. Hook is just like a sub-melody, you have to keep hook simple as much as possible because it’s not the main melody of the song. […]

Buying a perfect Bass Guitar for Beginner to Pro

In this article we’ll talk about the essentials of selecting a bass guitar. Here you’ll learn about the different parts of the electric bass, its electronics, different body types and much more. The bass guitar holds the sound and add melody to the rhythm in every music genre. So, lets us know about few bass […]

Select a perfect Guitar to Become Rockstar

This will guide you to select a perfect Guitar, it will also help you answer: “There are so many different types of guitars what kind should I buy?” If you are about to start and dreaming of a Rockstar then you must select a perfect guitar that suits your style. Every guitar has its own […]

Don’t miss these Indian Music Festivals if you are a real music lover!!

Don’t! I say don’t!!! Don’t miss these Music Festivals if you are a real music lover!! These are some of the Best Indian Music Festival You Shouldn’t miss them! For many of us, it’s not just music. It’s more than that. It’s a way to forget our worries and escape from all our unhappiness. Few […]

New mobile covers launched for 2019

Remember the moment when you drop your phone and at that moment everything stops, Your heartbeat increased- the fizz of the world around you is silenced- even all cognizance freezes—now you see in a very slow motion the roll of your $500 piece of electronic device without any mobile cover towards the cemented floor. You […]

Growth of Indian Music Industry

Indian music has achieved a splendid growth from past few years. Many new artists are entering into the music industry with some good quality talent. It is said that by year 2022 indian music industry will become world’s biggest music industry. Hip hop is also achieving its heights in indian music industry. Firstly it was […]

Getting details about jam rooms in your city !

Getting details about jam rooms What are jam rooms? Firstly let us tell you that what are jam rooms.So simply with an area of 300 sq. Feet,PlugNPlay is a jam room,recording studio and a performance studio all rolled into one.They have two big peavey monitors with a big mixer,guitar amps,a bass amp,5 piece drum kit […]

Challenges faced by an Indian musician

Life is full of challenges. In every field if one wants to be successful then he had to face challenges. Similarly in field of music one has to do a lot of struggle to become successful. Amount of challenges that has to be faced depends on an individual only. For example- there is a person […]

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